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    H Brand Geosynthetics

    H Brand geosynthetics offers a full range of solutions for geoengineering, and offers different products according to different environments, such as geomembranes, geotextiles, geogrids, drainage nets, and geocells etc

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    The company's main products are geomembrane, geotextile, nano-bentonite waterproof blanket, drainage net, grid, geocell and so on.



    Tianjin Huilide New materials Co.,ltd

    H brand is the registered brand of Huilide New Material Co. , Ltd. Huilide is a geosynthetics production, sales, engineering consulting and construction technology services as one of the comprehensive enterprise.

    OUR company has independent R & D Center, established technical cooperation relationship with many well-known university scientific research institutions, with modern production 9 workshops, 20 production lines. Due to years of production and sales accumulation, our products have been distributed to more than 30 countries around the world, including Australia, Sweden, Chile, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, the Philippines and other countries.

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    • Biogas plant

      Biogas plant

      Provide biogas digester power generation project design, construction, raw material supply one-stop service.

    • Agriculture


      For farms to provide special fish, shrimp, sea cucumbers and other aquatic products as well as pig and cattle environmental construction with geosynthetics.

    • Landfill


      One-stop solution for the supply and installation of geosynthetics for landfill construction.

    • Mining


      Provide high pressure OIT mine special geomembrane and other related geomaterials.

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      The Advantages Of Using Anti-seepage Geomembrane in F...

      HDPE geomembrane integrates anti-seepage and drainage functions, and has isolation and reinforcement functions at the same time. The geomembrane has high peel strength, high puncture resistance, good drainage,

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      Technical Requirements For The Foundation Surface Of ...

      1. The foundation surface of the foundation should meet the site leveling requirements. 2. The bottom of the reservoir in the landfill reservoir area should be cleaned and leveled, all cracks and pothole

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      Bentonite Clay Liner Factrory

      Finished product protection of bentonite waterproof Bentonite clay liner .

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      How To Choose A Geomembrane Welder

      Geomembrane Welding Machine, Impermeable Membrane Welding Machine This series of geomembrane welding machines meet the requirements of geomembrane welding of different thicknesses, and are suitable for welding

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